Canon 600mm f4L IS USM
£3,600 (plus carriage at cost).

This is probably the finest lens in the entire Canon line-up. Absolutely pin-sharp from f4, with superb contrast and colour. The focus is lightning fast, and images produced are as good as photographs get with any system.

In excellent condition, this superb lens comes boxed with lens hood, case, front and rear caps, as originally supplied.

For the very sharp eyed, there are a couple of small specks to the white paint, but you have to look hard to find them.
The rubber front ring of the hood has a few scuff marks, as one always gets during normal use.
The glass is clean and clear with no scratches or fungus.

The lens has just had a complete service by Fixation, including a brand new IS unit,
so is essentially as good as new internally.

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